August 3, 2010

the most wonderful time of the year

i recently had the pleasure of getting into the christmas spirit! i can't wait for it to be cold again with my scarfs and boots in use again and driving around drinking hot chocolate and looking at all the christmas lights.

but for now, these holiday cards will just have to do to subside my holiday spirit. my good friend and talented photographer amanda causey is offering such a great deal for families this season. if she hadn't just taken me and joel's pics, i'd already have my time slot reserved and outfit picked out.

we teamed up this year and a great part of her $100 offer includes 25 holiday cards with envelopes. i designed 5 different types of cards, so her clients will have plenty of styles and colors to choose from.

if you've ever thought about sending a christmas card but didn't have a picture in mind, this is the perfect chance to finally send one and have a new set of family photos as a result. scroll down to check out the designs, and then jump on over to her blog to get all the details and reserve your spot!

photo credit: amanda causey


Ashley said...

I love the "Smith" family...especially, Baby Emma! :)

Jenny said...

haha! i know...once i put their pic in it was too late to make emma a boy name, lol. whoops! :)

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