July 19, 2010

more weekend happenings

this weekend started out in a furniture store. we might be the coolest twenty-somethings you know, right? i've been looking for a recliner for the LONGEST time. a simple chair that has clean lines but doesn't scream "i'm a recliner." joel found this bad boy and while it might not be too easy on the was one of the most comfortable things i've ever sat in.

later, we met up with this lovely couple to have dinner and a movie. it was justin's birthday celebration, so we celebrated by eating lots of food and topping it off with a pizookie (double chocolate...yum.) the movie of choice was inception. until that night, i had always thought girls were the only ones to travel in packs. i was wrong. the movie was pretty good, but there was a moment when i swear leo was channeling jack from titanic and it made me tear up a bit. ahhh titanic.

saturday was great because lauren was in town! i've known lauren since the 4th grade, and she is one of the sweetest, most kind-hearted people i know. and she laughs at everything too, so it's always fun when she's around.

i met up with her and betsy, and we decided to go to california pizza kitchen. we did a lot of catching up and a little bit of people watching. all around great fun. :)

after i got home, i helped joel put up his album cover art for his man room. i love watching the things he thinks to put up in that room, and this idea is soooo joel.

and of course as soon as i thought of painting my headboard, it started to rain. so we just hung around for the afternoon, drank coffee, and i couldn't avoid the fact that i needed to catch up on design work, so i guess it's a good thing after all because i got lots done.

after i cooked dinner, we decided to go get sonic (tcby was and watch a single man. such a great movie. i love this time period and have always been a huge colin firth fan. i listened to an interview on npr about it a few months ago, so i was excited to say the least when it showed up in ondemand.

sunday, my brother and his fiancee were on their way back from the beach and stopped in for shopping and dinner. we introduced them to the chimes and had a great time hanging out. i was so happy they came by!

whew! another great weekend with lots to do--i love summer. :)


Betsy + Nicky said...

I love your little bistro set! I'm looking for something similar for our new "outdoor space" in Houma.

Jamie Fox said...

always jealous of the hang out time!

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