March 1, 2010

must have [leonard necklace]

it's no secret how much i LOVE lisa leonard designs. i really don't know what it is that is so appealing, but i love monograms and when they're stamped that makes them even better! as a kid, i was obsessed with those penny machines that would press the coin and leave a design of whatever city we were visiting--i just thought it was the coolest thing ever. i still kinda do actually. :)

i've been eyeing the first one necklace with the monogram for a while now and might just have to break down and buy one for myself. i can only resist for so long! now all i have to do is think of an occasion/reason to justify spending $60 on one necklace. does the first day of the month count for something? :)

happy monday!

1 comment:

Janee said...

I have one from the vintage pearl with two charms... One with Parker's name and one with Trent's name, my name, and our anniversary date. It wasn't quite as expensive!

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