August 28, 2009

me and masterchief

**warning: month-old post i realized i never posted. sorry!**

so as some of you may or may not know, joel spent last weekend moonlighting as masterchief but in a very different setting than what masterchief is accustomed to. he was quite out of his element with screaming kids and loaded waterguns, but loved it just the same.

we went to the landry's birthday party for two of their adorable children, and paul asked joel if he wouldn't mind getting into the costume for when they bring out the cake. paul bought the suit online and originally planned to wear it, but realized at the party that he wouldn't be able to host the games and say the prayer disguised as halo's main guy. so, he asked joel if he would do the honor. it was like a kid in the candy store; joel was so excited!

he came out and the look on the kid's faces was priceless. some were amazed and excited, others confused, and then you could hear the screams of fear and saw the tears that followed from the little ones. masterchief isn't for everyone, but the birthday boy and his older brother were happily surprised and started playing with him right away.

some of the kids had their picture taken with him and then of course i had to sneak a kiss in. can you blame me? just something about green plastic and black polyester.

it really was one of the cutest things to see how excited the kids were to play and run around with "masterchief." there were water ballons, squirt guns, and super soakers reaking havoc on the landry's backyard. becky and paul are such great parents for making that memory. i'm sure the boys will always remember the time masterchief stopped by. the cutest moment by far was when masterchief had to "go back to his starship" (aka joel was beyond soaked), and the birthday boy turns around as the door closed behind joel, looks at his brother, and goes, "man, i already miss masterchief." so precious!!

photo credits ernie ballard and sarah norman (thanks guys!)

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Lorien said...

that needs to be your new profile pic. best blog entry ever. :)

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