March 9, 2009

baby bowling

i got a chance to design my second baby invite last month, and i loved every minute of it! i think that baby invites are just so fun because they allow you to use bright colors and cute fonts, but then there's also some that want pretty and elegant. it's such a wide range of possibilities and more laid-back, which makes for easy clients--my favorite. :)

my college roommate and close friend kendra was in charge of the invites for her sister's (tori) baby shower and called on moi for assistance. tori and her husband are expecting a boy in the next couple months and couldn't be more excited. joel and i recently joined tori and brad's community group (and are loving it :)), so its fun to hear updates or see how the baby is growing every week. i know this sounds weird, but i've never been around a pregnant person consistently before...ever. i definitely ask the most random questions too, but i'm so curious as to what she's feeling, what names they have picked out, what she's craving, etc. they are going to make great parents, and i'll probably bombard her with even more questions after he's born.

her shower is coming up this weekend, so i figured it would be a great time to share the invite that i designed for it. i love how it came out, and i think it suits tori quite well--pretty and classy.

ignore the smeared was my attempt to not give out too much of tiffany or kendra's personal information. :)


Janee said...

I loved the invitation... I had a tiny feeling you had prob. designed it when I got it!! Part of me wants you to do Parker's b-day invites... but the scrapbook mom part of me will probably hand-craft each one, haha!

Tori said...

Thanks for the shout out...and your questions are not random at all! I love the invites and can't wait for the baby announcements! You'll surely get sick of doing all of this for me by the time it's all said and done. Thank you!

Raquel said...

The invite is awesome! Defintely post the baby announcement.

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