January 27, 2009


so as some of you know, i have been dying to update our bedroom for quite some time now. and by update, i just mean make a headboard. :) i love the red/aqua/white color scheme because we already have a dark red comforter and need something to go with it; however, it has become increasingly impossible to find the color combo that is in my head, so i have opened up my mind to other options. i've found that i also like red and grey color combo, a light blue and red, and just red and white. but now i just can't decide what would look best large and in charge resting behind our bed.

so this is what i have found as far as my options go:

feel free to give any suggestions and/or opinions! :)


ashley hawthorne said...

i love #3. the red and white would be something you would get quick of faster. have you ever thought of making the headboard very neutral- solid gray or gray on gray- and then adding the contrasting color with art and pillows? just a thought... i just always do the more permanent things (headboard) more neutral and add craziness with the cheaper to replace things (painting, especially). you could do some large canvases behind the bed.

Anonymous said...


i like the blue-ish top pattern...maybe with more of a grey tone... i love the red/aqua/white color scheme too.

soo- about blogging! :) i'm gonna be posting on a new blog here:

i need to redirect the old one to the new one. of course this new one my boss will be posting on there too. so enjoy! and i can't wait to see what you do choose for that large and in charge headboard ;)

Valerie said...

I love the first and last!! What color would your comforter be though?

Life at the White House said...

just found your blog when googling "aqua bedroom".........i'm wanting to do either an aqua/green combo or aqua/red/white?

we're buying the stratton bed from pottery barn (in antique white, with the drawers underneath) and a fabric headboard.

too funny that i found your blog and you are (or were) doing the same thing!!!!!

here's what we plan on buying this week (the bed & the headboard):|20|||0|||||||stratton%20bed&cm_src=SCH

now i just have to find the perfect fabric for the headboard and the perfect bedding!!! anyway, great blog - glad i found it! :)


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